Teachers Week – Day 03 (Teachers Licensing Symposium)

Glimpses of Celebrating Teachers’ Day at SZABIST University with the Department of Education and SSC!

The Department of Education and SZABIST Student Council (SSC) collaborated to organize a three-day event from 4th to 6th October, 2023 to celebrate Teachers’ Day at SZABIST University. This vibrant occasion was brimming with fun, learning, and featuring a diverse array of activities that left all participants thoroughly delighted.
Participants enjoyed art therapy sessions, where they unleashed their creativity, and heartfelt teacher’s day cards were exchanged to express gratitude. Vibrant murals added a splash of color to the event, and exciting sports matches brought out the competitive spirit in everyone.
The highlight of the celebration was an enlightening Teacher Licensing symposium, offering valuable insights into the field of education. The grand finale was an intense and rhythmic drum circle, which had everyone tapping their feet and enjoying the beats.
Kudos to the Department of Education and SSC for orchestrating a memorable celebration!