Sindh Studies Center / Sindh Abhyas Academy

Sindh Studies Center / Sindh Abhyas Academy


For scholars everywhere to study, research, and disseminate, all aspects of Sindh’s indigenous knowledge, so as to contribute to the well-being of all who live in Sindh, Pakistan, and the world.  


To constantly impart, to all interested scholars, knowledge germane to the physical, cultural, and spiritual heritage of Sindh.


Welcome to the Sindh Abhyas Academy at SZABIST!  The Sindh Abhyas Academy is a regional studies institute that focuses on Sindh and the Indus Valley Civilization. Founded on March 1st 2012, the twin broad goals of the Academy are as follows:

To encourage research on Sindh within traditionally investigated disciplines, as exemplified by Sindh’s literature and culture, as well as within new knowledge domains, as exemplified by studies on Sindh’s economy, sociology, health, and education systems. The dissemination of this research, with the aim of furthering knowledge and understanding about Sindh, Sindhis, and Sindhiyath, Globally, is an integral part of the academy’s first goal.

To provide our Sindh Studies students with a thorough understanding of Sindh and the Sindhi experience in Pakistan as well as in the Sindhi Diaspora. SAA will ground its pedagogy and research in social justice values that seek the amelioration of systemic inequalities found within Sindh. The faculty and staff at SAA will nurture academic relationships with the multiple communities residing in Sindh. SAA further seeks to be a cultural and socio-political safe haven where all students interested in Sindh Studies can meet and explore educational opportunities so as to advance their academic goals as well as their communities’ wellbeing. 

The twin broad goals will be supported by courses, seminars, conferences, study groups, a student society, field trips, and publications. In addition SAA will undertake to evolve a socio-pragmatic methodology for Sindhi language competence in adult learners.

Main Functions

  1. General Research on Sindh.
  2. Sindh Abhyas Academy/Sindh Studies Center organize seminars, conferences and symposiums on different topics regarding Sindh and Indus valley civilization.
  3. Short certificate courses on Sindhi Language and Shah Latif studies.
  4. Publications
  5. Supporting researchers about all subjects regarding Sindh.
  6. Field Study Tours.
  7. Video Documentaries on Sindh’s Historical and Cultural Places.
  8. Sindh Abhyas Academy/Sindh Studies Center Research and Reference library having more than 3000 books.

Rich Collection for Research

We have a vast collection of manuscripts, DVD’s of folk music, sufi songs, research journals, and around 3000 books/ magazines on following subjects of Sindh:

  1. Sociology of Sindh
  2. Education of Sindh
  3. Economy of Sindh
  4. Irrigation of Sindh
  5. Agriculture of Sindh
  6. History of Sindh
  7. Archeology of Sindh
  8. Geography of Sindh
  9. Geology of Sindh
  10. Literature of Sindh
  11. Poetry and Music of Sindh
  12. Art and Architecture of Sindh

Apart from above mentioned books, we also specific collection of books on Sindh’s renowned poets like Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Sachal Sarmast, Saami along with their compositions as well.


172 Building, Research Villa SZABIST Karachi Campus

Contact Personnel

Amin Joyo
Research Associate
Phone #: (021) 35830874 / (021) 111922478 Ext: 356

Sarang Joyo
Research Associate
Phone #: (021) 35830874 / (021) 111922478 Ext: 356




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