On 5th January 2010, the foundation of Sustainable Development Research Centre SDRC was laid. The premise of existence of this centre is to create a synergy between socio economic development and environment. The underlying aim is bring about growth and development without endangering the environment or the climate. Within this context, SDRC would have its focus on energy, environment and sustainable business and rural development.

Energy from fossil fuels is the major contributor of carbon dioxide in the environment. Two prong strategies would be used to address this particular issue. The advocacy of renewable energy technologies would be used to change the source of energy to an environment friendly choice and simultaneously the least cost option of energy efficiency and conservation would be adopted to reduce the use of energy.

Sustainable Business and rural development would encompass thorough investigation of the businesses and rural communities following by customized sustainable alternative energy solutions catering to the development with minimum carbon footprint. For businesses, this would mean efficient processes resulting in energy conservation and for rural communities it would be growth and development with least cost sustenance requirements.

The fundamental precedence of SDRC would always remain the mindfulness of environment and sustainability.

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