SZABIST Need-Based Scholarship 2023-24 has been re-opened for applications for Current and New Students (Admission of Spring 2024 & Before).


  • Annual Family Income Should not be more than Rs.1,500,000/-
  • The student should be enrolled in any undergraduate or graduate-level degree program (Except PhD)
  • CGPA should be greater than 2.5


Step 1: Download the Scholarship Application Form from

Step 2: Completely Fill out the Form and Attach the required documents.

Step 3: Fill and submit the online portion of the Form at (Can only be submitted using your Official SZABIST Email Address)

Step 4: Submit the physical form to the ERFA Department before the deadline.


Days: Monday to Friday

Timing: 11:00 AM To 4:30 PM

Submission Deadline: March 7,2024

Please note that no one will be entertained after the deadline.



Office: Room No. 5, ERFA Department, SZABIST F-153 Campus.

Telephone: 021-35823433 (Ext 374 & 371)

SZABIST Financial Assistance & Scholarships

The office of External Relations & Financial Assistance (ERFA) is committed to the success of our students by providing financial aid and advisory services that support student degree completion and ensures that world-class education remains within the reach for all including those who need financial support.

Admission to all SZABIST Programs is purely on merit, once a student has been admitted to a Program there are different scholarships and loan facilities to provide financial support based on need and merit of the student. SZABIST offers financial assistance in the form of various SZABIST funded scholarships and External donor agencies funded scholarships as under;

SZABIST Need-Based Scholarship Program

SZABIST Need-Based Scholarship is an award of scholarship with varying percentages 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% for the talented but financially challenged students. A fair and transparent process is adopted to select the students, the process entails short listing of candidates on the basis of need and merit.

Timeline for New students 2022:

    • Scholarship announcement in October (after two weeks of Fall 2022 semester commencement)
    • Interviews will be held in November
    • Final list will be announced in December (successful candidates will avail scholarship for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023)

Timeline for Current Students

  • Scholarship will be announced after the closure of ZABDESK for spring 2022
  • Interview will be held three weeks after the form submission
  • Final list will be announced three weeks after the interview (successful candidates will avail scholarship for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023)

SZABIST Merit-Based Scholarship Program

SZABIST Merit-Based Scholarship’s is awarded to the student with the highest semester above 3.7 GPA. The scholarship is awarded on students’ performance at SZABIST.

Sindh Police Shaheed Scholarship

SZABIST provides scholarship to the children of Shaheed Police Officers who embraced SHAHADAT while performing their duty within the jurisdiction of the Sindh province.

Sindh Education Endowment Fund Scholarship

Sindh Education Endowment Fund is an award of scholarship for the financially weak yet talented students of SZABIST. The scholarship covers two semesters and is renewable.

Balochistan Education Endowment Fully Funded Scholarship

The Balochistan Education Endowment Fund fully funded scholarship is provided to SZABIST students meeting the Merit and Need criteria.  This scholarship covers the tuition fee, living expense, food expense, stationery, books expense and travel expense.

Baluchistan Education Endowment Fund Partially Funded Scholarship

The Government of Balochistan under the slogan of “SAY-YES-TO-MERIT” is awarding Need & Merit based Educational Scholarships to the talented students of Balochistan.

USAID Funded Merit and Need-Based Scholarship Program

United States Agency for International Development USAID with its commitment to support the program of scholarship for academically qualified Pakistani students, who aspire to continue higher studies, but due to lack of financial resources are unable to continue. USAID funded Merit and Need-Based Scholarship are also offered to SZABIST students, this a fully-funded scholarship covering the full program’s tuition fee and stipend.

HEC-Indigenous PhD 5000 Fellowship Program

This fellowship program launched by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to increase the research potential of universities in accordance with International norms/standards. The scholarship is provided to PhD students.

Mitsubishi Corporation Scholarship

Mitsubishi Corporation actively support SZABIST students in order to make higher education accessible to all irrespective of the financial constraints of the students. This scholarship is awarded to SZABIST students meeting the Merit and Need criteria of Mitsubishi Corporation for the award of scholarship. The scholarship covers two semesters of students enrolled in undergraduate programs.

Orange Tree Foundation Scholarship

Orange Tree Foundation OTF creates equal opportunities for financially challenged household in Karachi by providing mainstream education, quality healthcare and financial assistance to deserving students and their families. In this regard, OTF provides financial aid to SZABIST students who have been affected by the pandemic Covid-19.

Ahmad Family Scholarship

External donor funded scholarship for financially challenged students of SZABIST.

Hilton Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Scholarship

External donor funded scholarship for financially challenged students who are talented but lack resources to complete their education.

Various community-based scholarships

Different district-based scholarships and community based scholarships are also processed and approved through SZABIST Financial Assistance department.

Loan Facility

Ihsan Trust’s Qarz-e-Hasna Facility

This Interest-free loan facility is a unique model to enable higher education. Interest-free loans are provided to students on a purely Need and Merit basis.

The Citizens Foundation Financial Assistance

TCF supports its alumni by providing financial assistance to SZABIST students who completed their education from TCF schools and colleges. SZABIST also support TCF students through its Need based Scholarship program.

Fee Concession

SZABIST Employee Children Fee Concession Program

SZABIST believes in supporting continuous growth and learning of its employees and their children. In this regard, SZABIST provides a facility of Children Fee Concession for its permanent employees. 

SZABIST Employee Continuing Education Program

SZABIST places great emphasis on the professional development of its faculty and staff, in this context fee waiver is provided to its faculty and staff for their education at SZABIST.



Room 5, F-153 Campus, SZABIST Clifton
Timings: 10:00am – 5:00pm (Mondays-Saturdays)
Tel: 021-35823433 Ext: 371, 374



that could change my existing status quo. It has also helped me in developing my skills and abilities to achieve success in future. With my academic degree from SZABIST I am hopeful to land a job in a Corporate House. At SZABIST I met a lot of people with the same interests and same working style and having being friends with them has proven great so far and has helped me in improving my grades too. As much as learning in the classroom I have learned a great deal from them outside the classroom.
Syed Inayat Ur Rehman
Registration No. 1747199

The last four years have added a lot of value in my life, I learnt to groom myself and most importantly I have started making social connections and networking. I have also learnt various soft and hard skills. With SZABIST’s generosity I have been able to cover my educational expenses. The constant support from the SZABIST Need Based Scholarship and Ihsan Trust’s Interest Free Loan Facility, enabled me to complete my four-year Bachelor’s program with ease.
Abdul Hadi
Registration No. 1712297

It is always a privilege to win the SZABIST Merit based Scholarship (BBA) and receiving acknowledgment for securing the highest CGPA in class, always feels great. It is not just a mere reduction in tuition fees. It is me, renewing my confidence and belief in myself. It has also empowered me to dream big and sky is the limit.
Neha Moti

I have been awarded 50% SZABIST Need-Based Scholarship in Fall 2020 semester. This scholarship has proven to be a precious gift for me and my family, as I am a single parent-child, living with my mother and grandparents it has been difficult to meet my daily expenses. Unfortunately, when my grandfather passed away 7th December 2020 the conditions worsened. In this difficult time SZABIST’s Need Based Scholarship helped me immensely. It covered half my tuition fee and gave me and my family a great relief. I thank the institute for believing on its students and helping the needy financially and morally in the form scholarships and loans. I look forward to fully utilizing this opportunity in terms of a great career.
Hamza Kabir
Registration No. 2012203

SZABIST Need Base Scholarship (BS Bio) has really helped me a lot financially in my studies. At the start of my degree, it was really hard for me to pay my fees but after guidance from my program manager I found about the SZABIST Need based scholarship opportunities. I applied and received the award. So, far I have had a great experience in SZABIST. Looking forward to completing my bachelors and exploring the outside world.
Muhammad Fasih Khan
BS Bio

Given the fact that I am bearing my tuition fees expenses myself, this scholarship has helped me massively and I can’t thank SZABIST enough for bestowing this scholarship to me. Whatever opportunities await me in life would be attributed to this grant. May this program continue to become a blessing for other determined students in the future.
Zohair Shallwani

Words cannot express how much I owe to SZABIST Need-based scholarship program for BEME Receiving the scholarship award has been a humbling experience. This scholarship is an absolute answer to my prayers, as life does not always go as planned. I know that Allah is always looking out for us. I feel truly blessed to have received this scholarship. I wouldn’t have been able to continue my education otherwise. I had heard that SZABIST takes care of its students but it has proved the same by awarding this scholarship. ERFA department at SZABIST has helped me in my difficult time of need. I will forever be grateful for this kind gesture and I cannot thank them enough.
Bilal Tahir

Four years ago, graduating from a prestigious institution seemed like a remote idea to me. Now forever, I will be immensely obliged to Mitsubishi Scholarship for Bachelors in Media Sciences. The scholarship did not just enable me to concentrate on my studies without worrying about my finances, but also allowed me to relish in the process of growth in the field of media that I’m enthusiastic about. Since my third semester I have been really invested in design practices and photo and multimedia journalism. One thing I love about the program is every student has the opportunity to explore their own interests and I have this program and scholarship to thank for to work towards my passion in photo and video journalism, without the scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to even register for these courses.
Hurriya Mansoor
Media Sciences Program
Registration No. 1715116

I am Sana Javed currently a student of MS (Education Leadership and Management), Second Semester at SZABIST. Need-based Scholarship has been a great support in my journey towards receiving education even after my marriage, so, I could be more independent and self-empowered. The environment at SZABIST is welcoming and friendly and everyone from faculty and peers are supportive and accommodating. I would definitely recommend my friends to join SZABIST.
Sana Javed
Registration No. 1910115

I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient of the SZABIST Need Based Scholarship for Bachelors in Social Sciences Program. It has allowed me to study in an institute that could be just a dream for most of the middle class individuals in Karachi. SZABIST has helped me groom, become confident and has given me courage to take up the difficult challenges of life. Moreover, the burden of educational expenses being removed has helped me increase my focus towards my studies. I am extremely grateful to SZABIST for such a great initiative.
Ali Zamin Turk
Registration No. 1817139
BS.SS 6th semester