Prof. Dr. Kashif Ali

92-21-111-922-478, Ext. 203
Building 172, First Floor

Prof. Dr. Kashif Ali

Head of Biosciences Department
Dean Faculty of Life Sciences
Head of Research Committee (SZABIST)

Brief Bio and Research Interest / Area of Research:

I was born and got my early education in Karachi and done my B.Sc. in Physiology, with Biochemistry and Microbiology and finish my M.Sc. in Biotechnology in 2005. In 2006, I started working as Junior Research Fellow at H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry where I focused on the enhanced production of valuable plant secondary metabolites using cell suspension cultures and chemical elicitors. In 2007, I got the Overseas Scholarship offered by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for the Ph.D. studies at Leiden University, The Netherlands. I did my Ph.D. research on a project named Genomic Research Assisted breeding for Sustainable Production of quality grapes. In September 2011, I went to Qiagen (Germany) on Marie Curie Secondment (FP7 program) for my first Postdoc to work on metabolomics standardization. Later, I joined Leiden University for my second Postdoc where my work was on marine metabolomics. After that, I went to University of Florida as a Postdoctoral Associate to work on Vitamin B6 Metabolism in Maize.
In 2013, I joined SZABIST-Karachi as an Assistant Professor at Biosciences Department. During my tenure here, I have worked as a Program Manager for BS-Biosciences, BS-Biotechnology, MS-Biosciences, and Master of Science in Public Health Programs, and for the last five and a half years, I am working as a Head of Biosciences Department. Recently, I have been promoted to Professor and appointed as a Dean Faculty of Life Sciences. I am also in-charge SZABIST’s Center for Biosciences Research (SCBR) and also working on projects related to metabolic profiling of the various ornamental, fruit, and medicinal plants using NMR and other analytical platforms. My new interest is understanding Multi-Drug Resistance in Microbial Pathogens and developing methods to overcome this trait. So far, I have published more than 20 research articles in ISI indexed journals and contributed three book chapters in books published by international publishers.

Conference Presentations & Proceedings:

  • Inivited Speaker: 2nd International Chemistry Conference and Its Role in Sciences at University of Karachi (Pakistan), entitled as “Metabolomics and its application in health care”. 2019.
  • Inivited Speaker: International Conference on Applied Biosciences at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi (Pakistan), entitled “NMR Metabolomics: a tool to identify metabolic differences in plants”. 2019.
  • Oral presentation at Microbiology Infectious Diseases and Health Safety at Swabi, (Pakistan) entitled as “Metabolic differentiation of grapevine cultivars using NMR and multivariate data analyses”. 2019.
  • Oral presentation at 1st Annual Health Research Conference at Islamabad (Pakistan) entitled as “Effects of ion channel blockers in combination with antibiotics against MRSA”. 2018.
  • Oral presentation at International Conference on Medical and Health Sciences at Barcelona (Spain) entitled as “Antimicrobial screening of Withania coagulans and Nigella sativa against clinical skin infection isolates”. 2018.
  • Oral presentation at 2nd Invention to Innovation Summit at Karachi (Pakistan) entitled as “Metabolomics: A holistic hope, or hype, or hot topic”. 2017.
  • Oral presentation at Future Trends in Phytochemistry in the Global Era of Agrifood and Health: A Young Scientists Meeting at Murcia (Spain) entitled as “Metabolic characterization of different grapevine cultivars using 1H NMR and multivariate data analyses”. 2009.
  • Oral presentation at Plant GEMs (Genomic European Meetings) at Lisbon (Portugal) entitled as “Transcriptional and metabolic profiling during ripening of Trincadeira grapes highlights cultivar specificities”. 2009.
  • Poster presentation at Plant GEMs (Genomic European Meetings) at Lisbon (Portugal) entitled as “Unraveling the defense response to Downy mildew:
  • Differences between resistant and susceptible grapevines”. 2009.

Honors & Awards:

  • Overseas Scholarship for Ph.D. Studies by HEC, Pakistan.
  • Marie Curie Fellowship under FP7 program of EU.
  • Included in the Directory of Most Productive Scientists of Pakistan (2017) by PCST.

Journal Articles – Peer Reviewed:

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