Dean/Head of Departments/Program Managers

OfficesCampusFloorRoom  #
Dean, Faculty of Management Science Department99Ground   07
BBA Program Manager (Years1&2)99Ground  08
Head of Management Science Program99Ground  09
Head of Student Support Services & BBA Program Manager (Years3&4)99Ground   10
Vice President Academics, Dean (Computing & Engineering Sciences)99First  21
BABS / BS Entrepreneurship Program Manager99First  31
MBA Eve 72 / MBA Day / BBS Program Manager99First32
MBA 36 Credit Program Manager99First33
EMBA / MSMS / PhD MS Program Manager99First34
BS A&F / MBA B&F Program Manager99First35
MPM / MSPM / CILT Program Manager99First36
BE Mechatronic Program Manager100Third304
BS-Computer Science Program Manager100Ground107
MS-Computer Science Program Manager100Ground105
Head of Computing Program100First203
BS Social Sciences Program Manager100-Media AnnexFirst203
Head of BE-Mechatronics Program100Third403
LLB Program Head154Ground109
Head of Biosciences Program172First08
MS Biosciences & Master of Public Health Program Manager172Ground04
BS Media Science Program Manager172/1First07
Head of Media Science Department172/1First09
Head of Education and English Department172/4Ground01
BS Social Sciences Program Manager172/4Ground02-A
Dean, MS/PhD Social Sciences and Education Department172/4First05
English Program Manager172/4Ground02-B

F-79 Administration Building

OfficesFloorRoom #
Internal Auditor OfficeGround01
Vice President Planning & FinanceGround02
PA to VP Planning & FinanceGround03
Procurement OfficeGround04
Admin OfficeGround05
Project R & D Planning OfficeGround06
Vice President AdministrationFirst08
PA to VP AdministrationFirst09
Finance OfficeFirst10
Manager HR OfficeFirst11
Human Resource OfficeFirst12

99 Building

OfficesFloorRoom #
Data CenterGround02
Director ITGround03
Class RoomsGround04, 05, & 06
Conference RoomGround11
Reception DeskGround12
Training RoomGround13
Board RoomGround14
Chancellor’s OfficeGround15
President’s OfficeGround16
Executive Secretary to the PresidentGround17
Senior Manager University AffairsSecond19
Academic Office (Class schedules and other student queries)Ground
Photocopier(Back Area)Ground
Cafeteria and Seating (Back Area)Ground
Registrar OfficeFirst20
Records OfficeFirst24
Executive Development CenterFirst25
P.A to V.P. AcademicsFirst22
Institutional Research Department /Quality Enhancement CellFirst27
Examination DepartmentFirst26
Counselling RoomFirst29
Faculty Offices 1, 2 & 3Ground/First37,38 & 40
Class RoomsSecond42 to 52
PhD Faculty OfficesFirst41

100 Annex Building

OfficesFloorRoom #
Academic ControllerFirstM-23
Student Affairs AdvisorFirstM-24
Electronic LabSecondM-32
Media LabSecondM-33 & M-34
Faculty OfficesThirdM-41
ZabFM 106.6 Radio StationThirdM-42
Faculty/Staff OfficeThirdM-44

100 Clifton Building

OfficesFloorRoom #
Reception Desk EntranceGround100
Faculty OfficesGround101
Academic Office (Class schedules and other student queries)Ground102
Head of IT, Lab AdministratorGround103
Class RoomsGround104 & 106
CS Computer LabGround108
Student Activity Room 1 (Back Area)Ground109
Student Activity Room 2 (Back Area)Ground110
Photocopier Shop (Back Area)Ground111
Cafeteria and Seating Area(Back Area)Ground112
Class RoomsFirst202 & 208
Smart LabFirst205
Computer Labs (3&4)First206 & 207
Faculty OfficesFirst201, 203 & 204
Class RoomsSecond302, 305, 307, 309 & 310
Faculty OfficesSecond301,303&304
Girls Common RoomSecond306
Computer Lab(5)Second308
Faculty OfficeThird401, 403 & 404
Boys Common RoomThird406
Class RoomsThird402,405,407,408, 409 &410
Gaming LabForth411
IT Hardware RoomForth412

154 Building

OfficesFloorRoom #
LLB Program Support OfficerGround105
ClassroomsGround107 & 108
Biosciences Lab 1Ground113
 Industrial & Automation LabGround114
Instrumentation & Control LabGround115
Thermo Fluids LabGround116
Mechanics LabGround117
Media StudioGround118
Faculty OfficesGround119
Canteen AreaGround120
LLB Program LibraryGround121
Girls Common RoomGround122
Academic OfficeFirst199
JISR OfficeFirst200
Class RoomsFirst201, 202, 203 & 204
Class RoomsSecond205
Display RoomSecond206
Faculty OfficesSecond207

172/1 Clifton Research Building

OfficesFloorRoom #
Bioscience Lab 2Ground01
Faculty OfficesGround02
Bioscience Lab 3Ground03
Engineering Workshop LabGround05
Faculty OfficesFirst06
Molecular labFirst07
Bioscience Lab 4First09
Bioscience Lab 5First10

153 Building

OfficesFloorRoom #
Class RoomsGround01, 02
Director ORICGround03
Admission OfficeGround04
Academic OfficeGround06
Class RoomFirst07
Physics LabFirst08
Marketing OfficeFirst09

172/2 Media Building

OfficesFloorRoom #
Reception AreaGround01
Meeting RoomGround02
Sound System Control RoomGround03
Sound System Recording StudioGround04-05
Faculty officeFirst07
Faculty officeFirst08

172/4 Social Science Building

OfficesFloorRoom #
 Sindh Abbyas AcademyGround03
Educational DepartmentGround04
English DepartmentFirst08
Social Science DepartmentFirst07
Program Support OfficerFirst06