MS Project Management

Details & Semester Outlines for MSPM

MS (Project Management)

SZABIST offers MS in Project Management (MSPM) program which is equivalent to MPhil. The program lays the foundation for students who are planning to pursue doctoral studies. This program offers two streams for MSPM. The first stream is coursework-based and the second is research based. In either stream, students are required to complete 30 credit hours. The maximum time limit to complete the MSPM degree is four years and the minimum time to complete is 1.5/2 years. All MSPM students are required to clear GRE, GAT General test, or HAT relevant with a minimum 50% score.

Research Work Based Stream

  • Five compulsory courses (15 credit hours)
  • Two Independent Research Studies (6 credit hours) OR Thesis (6 credit hours)
  • Three elective courses (09 credit hours)

Course Work Based Stream

  • Five compulsory courses (15 credit hours)
  • Five elective courses (15 credit hours)

First Year

Fall Semester

MP 5107 Fundamentals of Project Management
MP 5113 Strategic Management and Leadership
MP 5103 Research Methodology
MP 5xxx Elective-I

Spring Semester

MP 5202 Quantitative Tools for Research
MP 5213 Case Studies in Project Management
MP 5xxx Elective-II
MP 5xxx Elective-III

Second Year

Fall Semester

MP 5xxx Thesis-I* OR Independent Research
MP 5xxx Independent Research Study – II/Elective-V**

Spring Semester

MP 5xxx Thesis-II

* Thesis to be registered in two parts while Independent Research Study-I and Independent Research Study-II can be opted in one semester by research stream students.

** Elective-V and Elective-VI to be opted by students following course work scheme.

MSPM students may switch to the MPM program after admissions before the third week of the first semester or after completion of first semester. This option; however, cannot be exercised in and after the second semester.


MP 5102 Project Management Constraints
MP 5201 Quality Management Tools
MP 5205 Theories of Management

MP 5215 Human Resource Management Communication
MP 5217 Financial Decision Analysis
MP 5218 Software Project Management
MP 5224 Project Scope
MP 5223 Project Scheduling, Planning and Time
MP 5226 Governance, Monitoring and Evaluation of
Development Projects
MP 5314 Project Review, Assurance and Governance
MP 5317 Supply Chain Management
MP 5318 Business Analysis
MP 5324 Risk Management Dynamics
MP 5325 Project Simulation
MP 5328 Project Risk Management

Elective courses may vary from time to time. All courses may not necessarily be offered every year. Alternate courses may be substituted as and when required.
Students cannot register in Independent Research Study (IRS) or Thesis without completion of Research Methodology and Quantitative Tools for Research. To register in thesis students are also required to complete course work before registering for Thesis.
The maximum course load for a semester is 4 courses (12 credit hours). Summer is not a regular semester; therefore, courses are not offered on a regular basis regularly in summer.

MS (Project Management) Bridge Arrangement

This arrangement allows MPM graduates to enhance their academic qualification. For MPM (30 Credits Program) graduates, a maximum of 5 courses would be transferred to the MSPM program and for MPM (33 Credits Program) graduates, a maximum of six courses can be transferred
to the MSPM program; subject to passing the courses with a minimum 2.75-grade points point and on surrendering the MPM degree. The Project, Project in Primavera, IT Tools for Project Management, and SAP Training are not transferrable towards MSPM degree completion requirements for MPM graduates.

All MSPM candidates are required to pass HAT relevant/GAT General with minimum 50% score or GRE score as applicable for MS program.