MS Educational Leadership and Management

Semester Outlines for MSELM (Evening)

The MS in Educational Leadership and Management is a 1.5-2 years program. It is 30 credit hours program. There are two streams available for MS. One Stream is Course Work Based Stream and other one is Research Based Stream. In Course Work Stream, the student is required to complete 10 courses of 3 credit hours each. In the Research Based Stream, the student is required to complete 8 Courses (24 Credit Hours) and Two IRS (6 Credit Hours) OR One Thesis (6 Credit Hours). In both the streams, 30 Credit hours must be completed. The time limit to earn a MS degree is from 1.5 to 4 years.

The students will have the opportunity to specialize in the fields of Sociology of Education, Educational Policy, Testing/Evaluation, Teacher Education, Professional Development, School Administration/Educational Leadership, Guidance & Counseling, Curriculum development, Technology Integration in Education, Early Childhood Education, Higher Education studies, Educational Psychology and Child Development

The breakup of 30 credit hours is as follows
Two core courses (06 credit hours)
Six elective courses (18 credit hours)
Thesis (6 credit hours) or 2 Independent Research Studies (3 credit hours each)
The breakup of 30 credit hours for Coursework Based Stream is as follows:
Two core courses (06 credit hours)
Eight elective courses (24 credit hours)
No IRS or Thesis


For admission in the MS ELM program, the candidate must possess a 16 years of education in the discipline of Education or Master’s degree/BS (honors) in disciplines other than Education along with M.Ed. / B.Ed.* (1 year or 1.5 year) with minimum second division/2.0 CGPA from a university recognized by the HEC.GAT General/HAT relevant with minimum 50% score is also required.Last degree verification from HEC is required.
*Candidates applying with a 1-year BEd. Degree are required to complete 6 bridging courses of 18 credits at SZABIST. 

First Year

Fall SemesterSpring Semester
ELM 5102 Advanced Research Methods and Techniques-I (Qualitative)ELM 5xxx Elective-III
ELM 5103 Advanced Research Methods and Techniques-II (Quantitative)ELM 5xxx Elective-IV
ELM 5xxx Elective-IELM 5xxx Elective-V
ELM 5xxx Elective-IIELM 5xxx Elective-VI

Second Year

Fall Semester
ELM5xxx Thesis I/ 2 Independent Research Studies
Spring Semester
ELM 5xxx Thesis II


ELM 5102 Advanced Research Methods and Techniques-I (Qualitative)
ELM 5103 Advanced Research Methods and Techniques-II (Quantitative)


ELM 5235 Sociological Issues in Education /Access/Out comes and QualityELM 5138 School Evaluation and Monitoring
ELM 5233 Learning Effectiveness in Higher Education ContextsELM 5131 Teacher Education
ELM 5136 Use of Technology in EducationELM 5234 Research Philosophy
ELM 5231 Education in the Context of ConflictELM 5137 Professional Development and Management in Education
ELM 5236 Socio-Politics of Language Policy in Educational ContextsELM 5232 Finance and Resource Management
ELM 5133 Change Management in EducationELM 5132 Organizational Development
ELM 5134 Educational Policy and PracticeELM 5237 Advanced Educational Psychology
ELM 5135 Assessment and Evaluation in EducationELM 5201 Curriculum Development and Planning
ELM 5101 Leadership and Management in Educational Contexts

Electives and majors will be offered depending on the availability of the resources.Course offering may be varied as per university  policy.