MS Biotechnology

Details & Semester Outlines for MS Biotechnology

MS Biotechnology at SZABIST is a two-year program spread over four semesters and consists of 30 credit hours of teaching. The curriculum includes 8 courses of 3 credit hours each and research project (Thesis) of six credit hours or 2 IRS. Students can also take two additional courses in lieu of Thesis in order to complete the total credit hours. The maximum time limit to complete the MS degree is four years.

First Year

Fall Semester

BTC 5102 Research Methods in Biotechnology
BTC 5101 Biostatistics and Laboratory Mathematics
BTC 5xxx Elective-I
BTC 5xxx Elective-II

Spring Semester

BTC 5201 Advances in Molecular Genetics
BTC 5202 Recent trends in Molecular Diagnostics
BTC 5xxx Elective-III
BTC 5xxx Elective-IV

Second Year

Fall Semester

BTC 5xxx Thesis or Elective-V or IRS-I

Spring Semester

BTC 5xxx Thesis or Elective VI or IRS-II


BTC 5122 Bioethics, Biosecurity, Biosafety and Dual Use Education
BTC 5121 Advances in Bioinformatics
BTC 5123 Regulation of Gene Expression
BTC 5223 Protein Engineering and Enzyme Technology
BTC 5222 Metabolic Engineering and Biofuels
BTC 5221 Advances in Health Biotechnology