MS Biosciences

Details & Semester Outlines for MS Bio

MS Biosciences at SZABIST is a two-year program spread over four semesters and consists of 30 credit hours of teaching. The curriculum includes 8 courses of 3 credit hours each and research project (Thesis) of six credit hours or 2 IRS. Students can also take two additional courses in lieu of Thesis in order to complete the total credit hours. The maximum time limit to complete the MS degree is four years.

First Year

Fall Semester

BIO 5101 Advanced Research Methodology
BIO 5102 Biostatistics
BIO 5xxx Elective-I
BIO 5xxx Elective-II

Spring Semester

BIO 5201 Molecular Genetics
BIO 5202 Techniques in Biomolecules Analyses
BIO 5xxx Elective-III
BIO 5xxx Elective-IV

Second Year

Fall Semester

BIO 5xxx Thesis or Elective-V or IRS-I

Spring Semester

BIO 5xxx Thesis or Elective VI or IRS-II 


BIO 5135 Applied Biotechnology
BIO 5134 Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology
BIO 5138 Plant Biotechnology
BIO 5236 Fermentation Design and Engineering
BIO 5133 Medical Biotechnology
BIO 5234 Biocatalysis and Enzymology
BIO 5235 Clinical Biochemistry
BIO 5136 Drug Discovery and Development
BIO 5131 Biocomputation
BIO 5132 Cancer Biology
BIO 5232 Applied Immunology
BIO 5233 Techniques in Diagnostics
BIO 5238 Molecular Dynamics
BIO 5137 Food Sampling Techniques and Analysis
BIO 5231 Food Quality Management System
BIO 5237 Food Toxicology and Adulteration