Master of Project Management (MPM)

Details & Semester Outlines for MPM (Regular/Weekend)


The program is designed to enhance the competencies of working professionals and students in areas of strategic intent, leadership skills, professional behavior, tools, techniques, processes, contemporary best practices, and emerging trends in managing projects effectively through the project life cycle in a multi-context environment.

Master of Project Management is designed to provide individuals with cutting edge insights of project management to manage complex projects. Through this one year degree program, students can gain actionable knowledge for real-world challenges which goes beyond traditional project management fundamentals. The classes are offered on weekdays (Monday to Friday) as well as on Weekends (Friday to Sunday). It comprises of 30 credit hours spread over two semesters. Minimum ten courses are required to graduate. The maximum time to complete the degree is 4 years.


• To build proficiency in advance knowledge of project managementprocesses group (project life cycle).
• To build, integrate and apply project management knowledge areas, tools, techniques, and contemporary best practices through project life cycle for projects’ outcomes.
• To determine the strategic intent of the organization and integrate it into portfolio and project objectives and outcomes for sustainable organizational competitiveness in changing environment.
• To develop leadership skills in developing project team and managing stakeholders’ relationship effectively in multi-context projects.
• To support and demonstrate ethical and professional behavior and compliance to legal and regulatory requirements relating to projects.
• To produce a comprehensive project plan in multi-context environment


• Integrate and evaluate management knowledge areas, best practices, and emerging trends in making projects’ related decisions through projects’ life cycle in organizations.
• Build and apply enhanced competence in organizational strategic intent and integrate it into planning and governance through the project life cycle of national and international projects.
• Evaluate and apply leadership skills (emotional intelligence, communication, and interpersonal
skills, team building, problem-solving negotiation, and conflict resolution) in developing engagement and building partnerships with stakeholders to create synergy in multi-context projects in a complex business environment.
• Integrate and apply appropriate tools, techniques, and project management approaches in managing projects effectively.
• Demonstrate ethical and professional behavior and compliance to legal and regulatory requirements through the project life cycle.
• Create and present a comprehensive project plan is relevant to students’ professional domains.

First Year

Fall Semester

PM 5113 Principles of Project Management
PM 5112 Organizational Project Management
PM 5111 Leadership and Work Ethics
PM 5114 Project Scope and Scheduling Management
PM 5104 Cost and Financial Management for Project

Spring Semester

PM 5351 Project Risk Management
PM 5207 Software Tools for Project Management
PM 5xxx Elective-I
PM 5xxx Elective-II
PM 5208 Capstone Project


PM 5157 Agile Project Management
PM 5152 Innovation and Technology Management
PM 5159 Project Analytics
PM 5162 Telecom Project Management
PM 5158 Digital Project Management
PM 5161 Project Resource and Communication

PM 5259 Construction Project Management
PM 5263 Project Procurement and Contractual
PM 5264 Project Simulation
PM 5301 Project Quality Management
PM 5261 Blockchain Project Management
PM 5262 Construction Quality and Cost Management

PM 5361 Government Planning and Development
PM 5364 Public Private Partnership Management
PM 5362 NGO Project Management
PM 5363 Project Governance, Monitoring, and
PM 5365 Sustainable Development Projects
PM 5155 Project Program Portfolio Management

All courses may not be offered every semester. Alternative courses may be substituted as and when required.

Bridge Program

MPM students may switch to the MSPM program before the third week of the first semester or after the first semester, with relevant courses transferred and subject to meeting MSPM admission requirements. This option cannot be exercised in and after the second semester.