LEAD Convention 2023

The LEAD Convention 2023, held on 25th November 2023 at Ramada Creek, was a captivating journey into the realms of sustainability and societal advancement. Organized by the SZABIST Student Council, the event brought forth luminaries who illuminated the path to a future marked by Gender Equality, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Detho, Chairperson of the Sindh Human Rights Commission, graced the occasion as the SDGs Chief Guest, infusing the gathering with the importance of human rights in the sustainable development narrative. The event’s spectrum widened with impactful talks from guest speakers Barrister Rida Tariq, Mr. Anas Niaz, and Mr. Masood Lohar, exploring critical facets of sustainability. Moderated by Dr. Bela Nawaz, Mr. Ferhan Syed, and Ms. Angel Imdad, the discussions were guided with finesse, fostering an environment of collaborative ideation. As the curtains fell on this transformative day, the echoes of LEAD Convention 2023 resonate as a call to action, inspiring attendees to champion sustainability and forge a collective path towards a brighter, more equitable future.