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“SZABIST is an affirmative action / equal opportunity employer”

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Current Vacant Positions

Position: Assistant Manager – Procurement


Job Title: Assistant Manager
Department: Procurement
Position Reports To: Senior Manager Procurement
Position is Reported By: N/A

  • Prepare Request for Information, Request for Quotation, Request for Proposal, and other procurement related documents, analyze responses and lead the procurement, including tendering & contracting.
  • Negotiate with vendors on price and business terms.
  • Collaborate with internal and external customers in getting clarity of the specification and delivery expectations.
  • Review technical information/specifications of purchase orders, check the terms of Purchase Order with Contract terms and conditions, verify the commercial offers with existing market price trend.
  • Resolve issues related to open purchase order, discrepancies in quality, quantity, and delivery time period etc., resolve problems raised at receiving end.
  • Follow-up with Accounts department to ensure timely release of payments to suppliers.
  • Explore good suppliers and recommend to Senior Manager Procurement to initiate organization partnerships.
  • Initiate different types of agreements befitting for different procurement categories, also perform risk management on contracts.
  • Participate in University advancement activities that is orientation, convocation, conferences etc., by timely handing over supplies, monitor execution of proper services.
  • Put up month end progress report of all EPRs of relevant category to Manager Procurement and ensure earliest closing of EPRs.

Position: Manager University-Industrial Linkages &
Technology Transfer – ORIC


Job Title: Manager University-Industrial Linkages & Technology Transfer
Department: ORIC
Position Reports To: Director ORIC
Position is Reported By: N/A

  • Promote the development of public-private partnerships in support of university research.
  • Link the university’s research community with the needs and priorities of the corporate sector.
  • Develop opportunities for applied research and explore opportunities for technology transfer and the commercialization of university research.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship at various departments at SZABIST campuses and help to develop start-up entrepreneur.
  • Develop working environment that supports entrepreneurs.
  • Develop, strong ties with the local government, business, entrepreneur, university and social communities.
  • Provide IT related solutions for industry using expertise at SZABIST.
  • Tap on research funding agencies, both national and international.
  • Develop a mechanism for marketing SZABIST IT solutions to academia as well as industry.

Position: Senior Software Engineer – IT – ZAB Solutions


Job Title: Senior Software Engineer
Department: IT – ZAB Solutions
Position Reports To: Manager ZABSOLUTIONS

  • Provides support to Admission System, ZABDESK, SZABIST SMS System, ZABFM live streaming, SZABIST Entrepreneur Tech. Center R&D Management Portal through development and maintenance.
  • Analysis, designing and development of new projects.
  • Development of faculty websites.
  • Providing online support to Karachi, Larkana and Dubai Campuses regularly.
  • Development of new components in Zabdesk Desktop application for Academic controller, Ass. Academic Controller, Records Controller, Ass records, Administrative officer, Finance application, for Karachi, Larkana and Dubai Campuses on regular basis.
  • Closing and opening Semester activities and generation of reports for semesters.


  1. Academic Qualification Required
    Masters degree in Computing Sciences
  2. Specific Job-related Skills Required
    1. Analytical Skills
    2. Communication Skills
    3. Interpersonal Skills
    4. Counseling Skills
    5. Problem-solving & Decision Making Skills
  3. Specific Job-related Traits & Behaviours Required
    1. Attendance
    2. Punctuality
    3. Control on Cost
    4. Initiative taking
    5. Intelligence and mental alertness
    6. Cooperativeness
    7. Policy and Procedure Compliance
    8. Work interest, devotion and commitment
    9. Ability to Plan, Organize and Supervise Work
    10. Discipline



Job Title: Research Associate
Department: ORIC
Position Reports To: Director ORIC

  • Coordinate research, assessment, and evaluation studies for ongoing and new projects at ORIC SZABIST in consultation with Manager of University-Industrial Linkages and Technology Transfer.
  • The candidate shall be expected to work on the design evaluation tools and formats based on pre-defined goals and indicators for the projects going on at ORIC.
  • Present summary reports on findings to diverse stakeholders.
  • To work on encouraging entrepreneurship at various Departments at SZABIST Campuses and help to develop start-up entrepreneur in consultation with the concerned manager.
  • Help the ORIC to develop strong ties with the local government, business, entrepreneur, university, and social communities.
  • Should be able to provide IT related solutions for industry using expertise at SZABIST.
  • Look for the research funding agencies, both national and international and disseminate this knowledge at all campus of SZABIST.
  • Any other duty assigned by the concerned Manager / Director, ORIC.
  • To be able to perform the above tasks effectively and is expected to work in close coordination with the focal persons at various campuses of SZABIST.

Position: Associate Editor – Journal of Independent Study and Research (JISR)


Job Title: Associate Editor
Department: Journal of Independent Study and Research (JISR)
Position Reports To: Editor JISR – SZABIST
Position is Reported By: N/A

  • Works closely with Editor to smooth out all function of publishing the Journal of Independent Study and Research (JISR).
  • Maintains and manages the JISR office for smooth and effective functioning in terms of communication and coordination.
  • Proofreads and edits all content / material / submitted articles in terms of suitability of language, style, and quality of work.
  • Facilitates the blind review process of manuscripts by coordinating with the reviewers and Editor.
  • Communicates with authors regarding reviewer comments, changes and decisions required to publish their article; and assess whether authors have met reviewer concerns and provide final editing of manuscript before approval.
  • Liaises between authors, reviewers, Editor and the publisher during all stages and steps of publication process.
  • Determines the publication sequence and priority for accepted manuscripts in conjunction with the Editor and publisher.
  • Evaluates all submitted material fairly, avoiding bias, conflict of interest, and external pressure in helping to make editorial decisions.
  • Prepares quarterly reports on the Journal’s status and progress for periodic meetings with the help of Editor.
  • Compiles, saves and backups the complete record of all forms of communications and publication including submissions, reviewers’ comments, and publications details.
  • Explores electronic publishing alternatives and other innovative means of interactive information exchange.
  • Proofreads other publishing content (advertisement, websites etc.) as and when desired by SZABIST Management.

Position: Lab Engineer – Computing


Job Title: Lab Engineer
Department: Computing
Position Reports To: Head of Computing Department
Position is Reported By: N/A

  • Manages and supports the proper functioning and development of the relevant Computing Laboratories.
  • Directs the preparation of lab experiments as advised by the course instructor, coordinates the set-up of required tools, and ensures calibration and proper functioning of equipment.
  • Instructs and demonstrates to students the proper techniques in lab safety, and use and operation of lab equipment.
  • Assists faculty and graduate students in conducting research experiments, and help undergraduate students in doing their course and final-year projects.
  • Performs other related duties such as maintaining and updating a data base on equipment catalogs, manuals, data books, protocols of experiments.
  • Takes initiatives to design new experiments or find inexpensive solutions.
  • Any other tasks assigned by the Supervisor/ Higher Management.

Position: Inventory Officer – Administration


Job Title: Inventory Officer
Department: Administration
Position Reports To: Senior Manager Administration
Position is Reported By: N/A

  • Assist to prepare and maintain record of disposal assets for review and final decision.
  • Data entry register, record and maintains inventory accountability and control all fixed and non-fixed assets.
  • Tagging and making GRN for new purchased fixed and non-fixed assets with coordination of warehouse staff.
  • Maintain inventory records deliveries, receiving, issuing, returning and keep up to date record of all assets.
  • Monitors the property control system which includes moving, returning, issuing using standard forms as per the policy and procedures.
  • Keeps up to date records of all lost and damaged items and report them on monthly basis to SMA.
  • Count and verify inventory list of each department on regular basis to make sure that inventory list and physical count result are accurate.
  • Performs general office duties including inventory filling, hard and soft copy Assets Management and Control.
  • Assist and coordinates activities and property movement and management of fixed assets for disposal, surplus, storage, or salvage.
  • Check and process requests from staff and handle them for assets available in store.
  • Plan, organize and implement physical count of Fixed and Non-Fixed assets of all offices on regular basis.
  • Find discrepancies during physical count and conduct inspection.
  • Print and prepare bar code and tag number for new purchased assets and damaged barcode as necessary.
  • Arrange and organize assets in main store and other site stores.
  • Ensure that returning assets have all the necessary documents, return form plus Loss and damage form with approval.
  • Report any discrepancy and illegal issues to the Sr. Manager Administration.
  • Regularly physical count, spot check and update store assets inventory list.
  • Provides assistance for disposal of fixed assets and non-fixed assets and adjust them in system.
  • Assist in coordination of auction activities including releasing items for auction, providing descriptions, photographing items, reconciliation, and preparation of monthly auction disposal report.
  • Troubleshoots any assigned problems with purchase orders, deliveries, or pickups that require special attention.
  • Provides backup assistance to the warehouse as required including receiving Assets, delivering assets to campuses pulling auctions, and store operation whenever required.
  • Provide list of disposal assets ready for auction Assist in providing report on final physical count and report any discrepancies on time.
  • Provide information to Sr. Manager Administration for Investigation and act on matters related to compliance, including the review of documents and other information that is relevant to compliance activities.
  • To perform any other duties as assigned by the Management or Sr. Manager Administration.

Position: Assistant – Administration


Job Title: Assistant
Department: Administration
Position Reports To: Senior Manager Administration
Position is Reported By: N/A

  • Handling booking and cancellation of SZABIST board room, Auditorium, 100 and 154Garden for meetings and events.
  • Ensuring that utility bills which include Electric, Gas, PSO, Newspaper and Telephone of SZABIST are submitted to the Finance office well in time and maintaining proper receipt record submitted to Finance.
  • Ensuring that drivers are regular on duty and their licenses are valid. And making petrol requests and ensuring that travelling logs are properly maintained by the drivers.
  • Making all necessary arrangements such as seating, food, decoration and other special requirements in all official meetings and events.
  • Issuing employees and students ID Cards, Gate Pass, and vehicle parking sticker.
  • Updating Zabdesk database of students and staff.
  • Ensuring proper plantation and greenery in all SZABIST buildings.
  • Updating ledger in Peachtree System of the items related to Electricals, Plumbing, Petrol, Diesel, Sanitary items which are issued or installed as per request to different departments.
  • Assisting in the outdoor activities such as dispatching letters, parcels or any other item by hand to respective official/agency.
  • Ensuring documentation that Diesel is timely arrived at the campus.
  • Dealing with students in solving their queries related to Admin department.
  • Participating in university advancement activities i.e. orientation, convocation, conferences etc

Position: Receptionist cum Telephone Operator – Administration


Job Title: Receptionist cum Telephone Operator
Department: Administration
Position Reports To: Senior Manager Administration
Position is Reported By: N/A

  • Dials outward inter-campus, local and long-distance telephone numbers for the faculty/staff on PBX console; and receives incoming calls and directs them to the person called upon.
  • Operates fax machine; sends and receives Fax messages for the entire campus.
  • Maintains record of employees’ personal long-distance calls and forwards it to the Administration Officer for any necessary action.
  • Facilitates the students, candidates, external training participants and visitors with their queries face-to-face and on telephone.
  • Assists the Academics Department in conveying the message of class cancellation in case the internet is not working.
  • Receives post from the different campuses and distributes to the concerned persons.
  • Maintains folders of Faculty, staff and students related miscellaneous forms and issues the forms on demand.
  • Maintains the incoming and outgoing log of all mails. Properly handover mails
  • to courier agents and distributes the incoming mails properly to respective departments.
  • Any other job when required and assigned by his immediate supervisor.