Welcome to SZABIST online Quality Enhancement Cell and Institutional Research department. We serve our institute by ensuring that quality education is delivered at SZABIST and it meets the guidelines set by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

We also ensure that all aspects of SZABIST’s operations achieve the high standards envisaged in the vision and mission of SZABIST. In addition, our work entails, building relations with academic agencies and associations, within and outside the country, and assisting the various faculties in seeking accreditation of our programs.

Operationally, we collect, analyze, and report internally consistent and accurate information which facilitates strategic planning and timely decision-making by SZABIST’s management and its Board of Trustees.

On our site you will find a variety of information on academic programs, institutional facilities and institutional effectiveness.

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Quality Enhancement Cell Achieves the Highest Ranking

Based on the latest assessment by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of Higher Education Commission (HEC), SZABIST’s Quality Enhancement Cell has been ranked in the highest category, that is, “W” category. This reflects the excellent performance of the SZABIST QEC in ensuring adherence to high quality standards of education delivery. This assessment is done annually by the HEC to assess the performance of the Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) established at different Public and Private sector universities through a scorecard system.

SZABIST’s QEC has been rated SATISFACTORY with a score of “93.59%” in its YPR quantitative assessment for the period of July 2018-June 2019. This performance is the result of the vigorous and persistent efforts of the QEC staff at SZABIST.