Industry-Academia Linkage with Pak Qatar Takaful

On 30th August 2023, a meeting was held between Pak Qatar Takaful and the esteemed Management Science Department of SZABIST University. The primary agenda of this meeting was to establish a robust framework for achieving pivotal targets, prominently including the realization of Capstone Projects and the implementation of a valuable Faculty Apprenticeship program.

During the discussions, both parties enthusiastically embraced the idea of faculty members receiving training from Pak Qatar Takaful. This strategic initiative is poised to empower the faculty with insightful knowledge upgrades, aligning perfectly with the evolving landscape of the industry.

In addition, the meeting also paved the way for an exciting opportunity for SZABIST University students. Starting from the upcoming Fall 2023 semester, students will have the privilege to embark on internships with Pak Qatar Takaful. This coveted opportunity will undoubtedly provide students with hands-on experience and a firsthand understanding of the practical nuances within the industry.