Instructions to the Students On Class Conduction during Fall-2020 Semester


Dear Student,

As you must be knowing that Government has announced to open the Universities with effect from 15th September 2020 under strict COVID-19 SOP. We, as a responsible university, are fully aware of the situation and would like to conduct classes in Hybrid Mode, so that you may get an opportunity to come to the campus and as well as take the classes online.

While we want to maintain the quality of delivery of lectures, we are also bound to take all safety measures with respect to COVID-19 SOP for all our students, teachers and employees of the university. We need your cooperation and follow the guidelines, provided next, to ensure successful execution of Fall-2020 semester under this difficult situation confronted to the world community. Please remember that the threat of spread of Corona Virus is not yet over. It may spread if we do not take precautionary measures.

Please remember, while you come at the campus, you have to come by wearing mask. The security staff at the entrance will not allow anyone without mask. While be in the class, continue to wear mask. Use hand sanitizers to frequently clean your hands. It is advisable to keep a small bottle of sanitizer with you in your bags. Please avoid handshaking and follow SOP which is already published by the Government through various means.

The SZABIST management has decided to operate Fall-2020 semester in “Synchronous Hybrid Learning Mode”. This is explained as follows:

  • Each section of the class will be divided into two equal sub-sections (A&B).  
  • Each sub-section will come to the campus in alternate week.
  • The sub-sections will be identified through two different color passes (Green and Orange).
  • Each student will be given one pass (either Green or Orange).
  • The teacher will take the class from the classroom at the university. One sub-group will attend the class in the classroom and one group simultaneously through online.
  • The chairs in the class will be kept with a distance to ensure COVID-19 compliance.
  • Each sub-group will come to the campus in alternate weeks. If first week is for Green Color, next week will be for Orange. You can name it as Odd/Even week.
  • If in a given week, you are supposed to be at the campus, but can’t come to the campus due to any reason, you may attend the class online, but vice versa shall not be allowed, which means, in a given week, if you are supposed to take your class online but wants to come to the campus, that will not be allowed.
  • Two students of the same class with different color passes, may swap the cards through mutual understanding, during any particular day/week, but not for entire semester. This would mean that if you are not able to come to the campus, although you are supposed to come, but your colleague who has to attend the class online on that particular day, wants to come to the campus, then you may exchange your cards with his/her.
  • Please remember, if you have any doubt to have affected with Corona virus or any of your family member, please attend the class through online and inform your teacher immediately. At SZABIST, we live like a family and we have to take care of each other.
  • You will not be allowed to enter into the campus, under the following conditions:
  • You do not have required color pass;
  • If you are not wearing mask;
  • If you have temperature;
  • If you are suspected to have Corona virus.
  • The following picture may help you to understand, how the classes would be taken: