BMS Bachelor of Media Science

Details & Semester Outlines for BMS Bachelor of Media Science

The Faculty of Media Sciences at SZABIST offers a comprehensive 4-year Bachelor of Sciences in Media Science degree with majors in Film and Television Production, Advertising Strategy & Design, and Journalism.

To earn an undergraduate degree, students must enroll in and successfully complete a total of 136 credit hours which include 44 courses, a 6-credit thesis, and an internship (Forty-four courses include: 34 core courses, 7 major requirements in Film and Television Production, or Advertising Strategy & Design, or Journalism and 3 open electives). All students must complete their degree within 6 years.

First Year


MD1122 English for General Purposes
MD1107 Drawing and Perspective
MD1115 Introduction to Media Industries
MD1116 Civilization Studies I
MD1123 Pakistan Studies
MD1106 Photography


MD 1222 English for Academic Purposes
MD 1104 Culture, Media and Society
MD 3601 Art of Music
MD 1211 Basic Design
MD 2321 History and Aesthetics of Film
MD 1223 Islamic Studies OR
MD 1224 Humanities (For non-Muslim students)*
(*Humanities will be offered to the non-Muslim students instead of Islamic Studies)

Second Year


MD 2427 Design Practices I
MD 1118 Topics in Asian Literature
MD 2323 Production Practices I
MD 1217 Introduction to Sound
MD 2313 Idea Development
MD 3505 Principles of Journalism


MD 1119 Play Analysis
MD 2318 History of Commercial Art
MD 2425 Audiovisual Editing
MD 1216 Civilization Studies II
MD 3527 Design Practices II
MD 2325 Media Research

Third Year


MD 2423 Theatre Project
MD 2424 Media Psychology
MD 3523 Production Practices II
MD 2405 Media Laws and Ethics
MD 1213 Creative Writing
MD 3525 Radio Programming and Production


MD 3518 Animation and Motion Graphics
MD 4701 State and Nation Building in Pakistan
MD 3506 Theories of Visual Culture
MD 4xxx Stream Elective I
MD 4xxx Stream Elective II
MD 4xxx Stream Elective III

Fourth Year


MD 4807 Thesis I
MD 4714 Producing Short Narratives
MD 4xxx Stream Elective IV
MD 4xxx Stream Elective V
MD 4xxx Stream Elective VI
MD 4xxx Stream Elective VII


MD 4808 Thesis II
MD 4xxx Open Elective I
MD 4xxx Open Elective II
MD 4xxx Open Elective III


Film & Television Production

MD 4726 Directing I
MD 4728 Directing II
MD 4781 Sound Design
MD 4821 Cinematography
MD 4825 Screenwriting
MD 4872 Visual Storytelling
MD 4868 Production Practices III
MD 4724 Documentary Vision
MD 4764 Production Design
MD 4765 Basic Lighting
MD 4829 Screenwriting II
MD 4789 Green Screen Keying and Composition for Production VFX
MD 4889 Narrative and Social Change
MD 4898 Music Score for Film and Television

Advertising Strategy & Design

MD 4723 Advance Animation
MD 4731 Advertising Research
MD 4739 Advertising Design and Concept
MD 4754 Creative Aspect in Advertising
MD 4779 Digital Brand Communication
MD 4835 Consumer Behavior
MD 4843 Campaign Strategy
MD 4846 New Media Advertising
MD 4847 Copywriting
MD 4736 Integrated Marketing Communications
MD 4837 Media Planning
MD 4782 Interaction Design
MD 4787 Digital Design and Publishing
MD 4834 Advertising in Pakistan
MD 4833 Brand Management
MD 4897 Digital Media Planning
MD 4798 Fundamentals of Digital Advertising


MD 4757 Feature Writing I
MD 4879 Multimedia Journalism
MD 4864 Investigative Journalism and Crisis Reporting
MD 4877 The International Newsroom
MD 4783 TV Journalism
MD 4859 Introduction to Photojournalism
MD 4839 Reporting the News
MD 4793 Citizen Journalism
MD 4893 Environmental Journalism
MD 4794 Fashion Journalism
MD 4895 Peace Journalism
MD 4795 Reporting of Politics and Governance
MD 4894 Foreign Correspondence
MD 4896 Sports Reporting
MD 4796 Digital Public Relations and Blogging
MD 4797 Introduction to Digital News Reporting


MD4854 Illustration
MD4732 Typography
MD4867 Topics in film and television
MD4878 Design for Social change
MD4886 Game design
MD4883 Urdu Literature in South Asian Cinema
MD4873 Modernity in Cinema in Bengal
MD4774 Media Anthropology
MD4776 Media Convergence and Innovation
MD4888 Culture and Media in Sindh
MD4792 Music Production and Design
MD4892 Music Theory and Performance
MD4788 Sind Studies

Electives and majors will be offered depending on the availability of the resources.

Certain film and video production courses may require additional fees for equipment rental, film purchases, and travel. The Faculty of Media Sciences makes every effort to subsidize these costs in order to minimize financial impact on students.

Students enrolled full time are required to take at least 5 courses in each semester. Students unable to enroll full time should consult the Head of the Department and the Program Manager to discuss any accommodation they might need.

All first semester students are required to enroll in 6 courses. In order to register for thesis credits in the 7th and 8th semester, students must have completed 6 semesters and prescribed pre-requisite courses. Students on academic probation will not be allowed to register for thesis credits.


The Faculty of Media Sciences requires all students to complete a 6-week internship at an organization of their choice by the end of their third year. Upon completion of the internship, students must submit a comprehensive summary of what they learned following their internship.

All students are also required to work within the department to organize faculty’s annual media festival in the third year of their degree.