BA (Hons) Business Studies (BABS)

Details & Semester Outlines for BA (Hons) Business Studies (BABS)

SZABIST offers a 3 year BA (Hons) degree in Business Studies from the Coventry University, UK. Students who complete two years at SZABIST will proceed ahead to complete the third year from Coventry University, UK and earn an International degree.

Students can also complete the BABS degree at SZABIST by opting for the 3rd and 4th year of BABS program. BABS is a General Management Degree. The maximum duration to complete this degree is six years.

First Year

Fall Semester

BA 1101 Introduction to Accounting
BA 1102 Microeconomics
BA 1103 Introduction to Computers
BA 1104 Personal Management
BA 1206 Oral Communication and Presentation Skills
BA 1204 Maths for Business

Spring Semester

BA 1201 Financial Accounting
BA 1202 Macroeconomics
BA 1203 Management Principles
BA 1105 English Writing Skills
BA 2305 Statistics and Mathematics for Business
BA 2312 Human Behavior

Summer Semester

BA 2301 Introduction to Business Finance
BA 2302 Graphic Design in Multimedia Presentations

Second Year

Fall Semester

BA 2303 Marketing Principles
BA 2304 Managerial Accounting
BA 2315 Introduction to Social Sciences
BA 2403 Business Ethics
BA 3504 Organizational Behavior
BA 1207 Introduction to Logic

Spring Semester

BA 3505 Quantitative Skills
BA 3601 Financial Management
BA 3602 Marketing Management
BA 4704 Management Information Systems
BA 4721 Advertising
BA 4801 Law and Taxation

Third Year

Fall Semester

BA 1113 Islamic Studies
BA 4804 Human Resource Management
BA 2406 Business and Electronic Communication
BA 3517 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
BA 3518 Law for Managers
BA 3605 Statistical Inference

Spring Semester

BA 3617 Introduction to International Business
BA 1213 Pakistan Studies
BA 3616 Customer Relationship Management
BA 3618 Leadership Development
BA xxxx University Elective I

Fourth Year

Fall Semester

BA 3507 Consumer Behavior
BA 3501 Financial Markets and Institutions
BA 4824 Sales Management
BA 3603 Business Research Methods
BA 4703 Staffing/Compensation and Employee Development

Spring Semester

BA 4807 Research Project
BA 4xxx University Elective II
BA 4814 Project Management
BA 4128 Operations and Supply Chain Management
BA 4127 Managing Across Global Environment

University Electives

BA 3519 Current Affairs
BA 4827 Professional Development
BA 3506 Foreign Languages
BA 3619 Enterprise Management
BA 3522 Social Advocacy and Community Service
BA 3613 World Economy

All courses may not necessarily be offered every year. Alternate courses may be substituted as and when required. Full-time academic load is six courses (18 credit hours). All students are required to register for full load in the first semester.