SZABIST Student Council (SSC)

The SZABIST Student Council (SSC) since its inception in 2009 has been a body of hardworking, ambitious and talented individuals who are elected under the supervision of the Election Commission of SZABIST with members of its work force also selected by means of an entrance test and screening process all on an annual basis to form the student government at the institute. For almost a decade, the philosophy of the student council has been one in congruence with the values espoused in the ideology of SZABIST, those of leadership, art & creativity and tolerance and scientific thought along with serving the community through social work.

Trained to stand by the principles of labour, knowledge and integrity the SSC membership cutting across all degree programs of the institute aims at helping to explore the talents of all students whilst also playing an intermediary role between the administration/management and student body at large, working towards adding value to student life at SZABIST.

The SSC also hosts entertainment events, organizes trips, conferences, focuses heavily on working for social welfare, produces seasonal SSC merchandise (such as shirts, mugs, banners, or any other promotional material), and guides fellow students in addressing issues related to their campus life acting as a forum that becomes the voice of the student body of the institute. Furthermore, it acts as a parent body to its chapters in other campuses of SZABIST namely, SSC-Hyderabad Chapter, SSC-Islamabad Chapter and SSC-Larkana Chapter and SSC-Dubai Chapter.

All student associations, clubs and student societies are formed as per a prescribed procedure working under the aegis of the SZABIST Student Council and conduct a wide range of activities to do with sports, entrepreneurship, performing arts, culture, literature, public speaking, science and technology, model United Nations and social work to name a few.

All student associations, clubs, and organizations fall under the purview of the SSC and are required to register with the administration once they are formed. To ensure that democratic norms are adhered to, every year proper elections are held for the various offices of these student societies under the supervision of Student Council/Student Advisor/SZABIST Election Commission. This year, following the same election pattern, the students have elected the following members to serve the SSC’s ninth term 2017-2018:


Minhal Ali


Muneeb Baig

Vice President

Nasihah Walji

General Secretary

Mohammad Ahmed Qureshi


Bilal Zubedi

Student Affairs Adviser

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The following clubs/societies are currently active on Campus:

1. ACM Association of Computing Machinery (SZABIST Karachi, ACM Chapter)

2. AIESECStudent Exchange Program Facilitation

3. ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers

4. SCS SZABIST Cultural Society

5. IEEE-SSB Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-SZABIST Student Branch

6. KSCLC Karachi SZABIST Campus Lions Club

7. RCoSKM Rotaract Club of SZABIST Karachi Midcity

8. SBS SZABIST Biosciences Society

9. SES SZABIST Entrepreneurial Society

10. SLS SZABIST Law Society

11. SOS SZABIST Oratory Society

12. SSSS SZABIST Social Sciences Society

13. SSS SZABIST Sports Society

14. ZABLITS SZABIST Literary Society

15. ZABMUN Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Model United Nations

16. ZABPAS SZABIST Performing Arts Society