SZABIST Orientation 2012

SZABIST Orientation 2012

The orientation day of Szabist was held on 4th August, 2012, at Regent Plaza. The event was a success, as it was attended by an impressive number of people; approximately 2600. Respected, Mr. Aftab Shahban Mirani (Vice Chairman & Treasurer – SZABIST, BoT) graced the event by being Guest of Honor along with honourable, Mr. Naeem Yahya Mir (CEO & MD, Pakistan State Oil); Chief Guest and key speaker.

The event was opened by a welcome address by Dr. Amanat Ali Jalbani (VP Academics), who congratulated the candidates on having met the criterion to study in Szabist, a prestigious higher education institution, he then stated that, ‘In Pakistan, there are roughly 70 million children between the ages of 5 and 19 and only 63% of these children finish primary school. While, the journey from primary school to tertiary and university education remains only a dream for a vast majority in this country and recent statistics suggest that only 6% of Pakistanis become university graduates’. Hence he urged the fortunate few, who had succeeded an entrance in Szabist, to make the most of this privilege, ‘Students; the pressure is on you to prove that you are the torch-bearers and that you will have to carryout and spread the light of education from a mere 6% to a 100% of Pakistan’.

Following the welcome address, Dr. Saqib Rizavi (President, SZABIST) urged the candidates to express themselves in a free, mature way. He also told them to discover themselves and to face the future with courage and anticipation.

While addressing the guests, the Guest of Honor Mr. Aftab Shahban Mirani stated that, ‘Szabist is one of the leading educational institutions of Pakistan and students who fulfilled the criterion to study in Szabist were fortunate to have such an opportunity, and it was up to them to utilize this opportunity, in order to benefit from the realm of quality higher education’. He also said that, ‘Education brings democracy and political stability’. He stated that both education and democracy were interlinked and if one is erased than the other cannot truly exist. He said, ‘It was this principle that guided Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to focus on education, especially scientific education’, thus, keeping her father’s vision in mind, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, established SZABIST, to meet the educational deficit in Pakistan. And today, SZABIST is successfully providing equal opportunities to everyone, to attain quality education’.

Followed by the Guest of Honor; The Chief Guest Mr. Naeem Yahya said that it was his fervent desire that each candidate concentrates on his/her studies and plays their role in developing the country.

The eminent event was attended and covered by the print and electronic media and an elaborate Iftar followed the orientation’s proceedings.