Seminar on Archaeology of Sindh

SZABIST Sindh Abhyas Academy Seminar on: "Archaeology of Sindh"

Tuesday, November 26, 2013: SZABIST Sindh Abhyas Academy organized a seminar on "Archaeology of Sindh: Tracing Two Million Years". This seminar was held in collaboration with the National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi, Department of Culture, Government of Sindh.

Dr. Ghazala Rehman Rafiq, Director, Sindh Abhyas Academy, SZABIST, opened the session with a warm welcome and thank you message.

The first speaker for the session was Dr. Asma Ibrahim, Director, State Bank of Pakistan Museum. She spoke about Sindh though 2.5 million prehistoric ages. She gave a brief introduction on the Archaeology of Sindh. According to Dr. Asma, archaeology covers all aspects of human existence from birth till death. She shared pictures of Indus Valley jewellery, pottery of antiques, clothing and coins with the audience.

The second speaker, Dr. Kalimullah Lashari, Chairman, Management Board of Antiquities Physical Heritage, Government of Sindh, Pakistan. He spoke about the historical archaeology of Sindh. He explained on how historical materials (such as; coins) and records (manuscripts) could help in identifying and disclosing historical facts. During his presentation, he spoke of the time of some great leaders (such as; Ashoka, Alexander), caste system (Buddhism, Jainism and early Arab civilization), and some folk tales (such as; Sassi Panu, Umer Marvi, etc).

The last speaker for the session was Mr. Bukhari, Superintendent at the National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi. He presented and discussed the world's famous artifacts that were excavated from Moen-jo-Daro. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of sharing well researched and accurate information about various artifacts.

The session came to a close with a note of thanks to all the speakers and the audience present.