SZABIST Holds ‘International Conference on Social Sciences in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities’

‘International Conference on Social Sciences in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities’

‘Pakistan is a very important country and the world wants it strong and peaceful, because only a progressive Pakistan can guarantee stability in the region’, These were the views expressed by Dr. Tilo Klinner, Consul General of Federal Republic of Germany in international conference on “Social Sciences in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities” held at Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Sciences and Technology (SZABIST), Karachi. Dr. Tilo said Pakistan has a lot of potential to progress.

From his paper on the freedom of thought, Dr. HR Ahmed of Jinnah Medical College said that there is a need to provide space to social scientists to think freely and express their views independently. Without the provision of liberty new ideas can not emerged. Dr. Saleh Yucel of Monash University - Australia, gave his paper on “The Language of Tolerance: An Islamic Perspective”. He said Islam never promotes extremism and militancy. Holy Prophet (PBUH) in his life accepted voice of dissent and never discouraged others from expressing their views. Islam believes in peace. Mr. Tasneem Siddiqui in his paper on “Social Sciences and Development” said that unfortunately a gap exists between the teaching of social sciences and the needs of the society. He said the underprivileged of this country has no say in the development progress. He added new definition of “Two Nation Theory” may be that Pakistan is divided between “haves” and “have nots”.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Rauf Nizamani traced the economic history of Pakistan. He said planning process in Pakistan was not for the poor but for elite’s interests.

Later, Dr. Riaz Ahmed Shaikh of SZABIST said contemporary sociology has become irrelevant for Pakistani Society. We are not addressing the real issues of ordinary Pakistani Citizen.

Further, Dr. Mutahir Shaikh said that we are becoming conservative by every passing day. He said unnecessary ideological debates have limited the available space for academia. Dr. Mubarak Ali, also spoke and added that we are not promoting the culture of research in this country neither we are equipping our people with the necessary tool to do genuine research. He said there is again need to revisit our existing syllabus and make it updated according to the need of the society.