About Research Centers

1. SZABIST Centre for Biosciences Research (SCBR)

Stem cells and its allied field would become a major force in the area of bio-medicine /technology in the next few years as we move forward in an ever changing health care industry. Stem cell research would be an important breakthrough in the programming of cells to differentiate into targeted organs which can be employed to replenish malfunctioned tissues in the human body.
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2. Sustainable Development Research Centre (SDRC)

On 5th January 2010, the foundation of Sustainable Development Research Centre SDRC was laid. The premise of existence of this centre is to create a synergy between socio economic development and environment. The underlying aim is bring about growth and development without endangering the environment or the climate. Within this context, SDRC would have its focus on energy, environment and sustainable business and rural development.
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