Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

SZABIST Mass Miniature Radiography (MMR) Program

The Mass Miniature Radiography (MMR) is being carried out with the collaboration of Pakistan Anti-Tuberculosis Association (PATA), Rotary Club Ludwigshafen-Rheinschanze (Germany) Rotary Club (Karachi) and the MMR Committee of Pakistan. A specialized X-Ray Machine is fitted in a Van with a generator and laboratory facilities for developing X-Ray film rolls. The Van is taken to various children schools in the underprivileged areas of Karachi. A Medical Doctor and Laboratory Technician conduct the medical tests on site at no charge.

Over 22,000 X-Rays, which include over 6000 for school children, have been taken at the following locations free of cost for early detection of Lung Disease (figure in parenthesis indicates number of X-Rays): 15 Schools (6445), 13 Factories (5180), 7 Pharmaceutical Companies (2883), 4 Hospitals (419), 3 Banks (1802), 3 Afghan Refugees Camps (3311) and 2 Security Services (2121). The research results are regularly reported to the WHO (Geneva) and to leading pediatricians of Pakistan. They are also available on the Internet.

Recent Publication: BRONCHOLOGY Past, Present and Future Diagnostic Procedures by Dr. A. H. Saeed

Medical and Technical Assistant Program

The SZABIST Medical Technical Assistant's (MTA) Program for girls is based on a German model, and consists of 16 months of training in subjects such as Pharmacy, Pathology/ Laboratory, Radiology and Computer Typing/English. The program aims at skills development of girls who can work as medical technician-cum-secretary in a health center/ hospital/doctor's clinic. The MTA Program at SZABIST has completed 3 batches and the model developed at SZABIST has been adopted by 24 hospitals in 17 districts of Pakistan. 117 girls have been issued certificates by SZABIST. The MTA Program has been accepted as a model by WHO though the "Global Commission on Women Health" and is also being conducted in Kenya and Ghana.